Ramblin' Andy


Ramblin’ Andy is a neo - vaudeville performer that channels the prohibition era sounds of the early 20th century.

At the core of his calling is the desire to honor our popular and obscure musical past. Ramblin’ Andy curates diverse sets of prohibition era material that incorporates blue yodels, whistling, and ragtime picking.

Often teaming up with long standing West Coast musicians, Ramblin’ Andy can be found almost every night of the week taking audiences on a trip back to 1928. Back to a time when Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five performed and recorded alongside Jimmie Rodgers, the Father of Country Music. Back when Lonnie Johnson, Duke Ellington’s guitarist, performed solo blues between the big band sets. Back when Fats Waller rubbed shoulders with Irving Berlin.

If there is one common element to Ramblin’ Andy’s diverse music, it’s his mastery of acoustic guitar. He is an award winning Travis picker, and one of the most accomplished living ukulele players. To top it off, he is bringing back the lost arts of whistling and yodeling. At the heart of his music is a love for past techniques and improvisation. That being said, he is not another archivist. Instead, he breathes fresh life into the songs. The results are as timeless as the material.

With a repertoire that ranges from Big Bill Broonzy to Hank Williams, Fats Waller to Ukulele Ike, there is something for everyone in a Ramblin’ Andy performance. Catch him out and about. Take in a show. You won't be disappointed.