Ramblin' Andy



Ramblin’ Andy

Ramblin' Andy is a country-western singer and guitarist. At the core of his calling is the desire to honor country music's popular and more obscure past. He curates diverse sets that incorporate cowboy ballads, hillbilly music of the 1920s, blue yodels, Western swing, and honky-tonk.  It is all filtered through his Merle Travis inspired fingerpicking.


If there is one common element to Ramblin’ Andy’s diverse music, it is his mastery of acoustic guitar. At the heart of his music is a love for past techniques and improvisation. That being said, he is not another archivist. Instead, he breathes fresh life into old songs. The results are as timeless as the material.


Ramblin' Andy grew up in the Pacific Northwest and currently resides in California's San Gabriel Valley. He was exposed to country music at an early age.


"I remember when I was six, I got a guitar songbook of golden classic country songs. Some of my earliest music memories are learning to play Willie Nelson's 'On The Road Again' and 'Hey Good Lookin' (Whatcha Got Cookin'?)' by Hank Williams. I still love those songs."


With a repertoire that ranges from Jimmie Rodgers to Roy Rogers, Merle Travis to Merle Haggard, there is something for everyone in a Ramblin’ Andy performance. Catch him out and about. Take in a show. You won't be disappointed. 


Ramblin' Andy is a proud member of the International Western Music Association.